Dawn and dusk time

Date: 2018-1-1
Latitude: 19.42847
Longitude: -99.12766
Clock zone: America/Mexico_City
Time zone: Central Daylight Time
Hours shift with respect to UTC (including winter/summer time switch): -5
Dawn time (local): 07:17
Dusk time (local): 19:53

Восход и закат солнца


This on-line calculator helps to easily define the exact dawn or dusk time in any point of the planet on any desired date. The complete algorithm to calculate the sunrise and sunset is programmed in it. Along with time data stated till minutes the system incorporates data about winter/summer time shifts.

In order to obtain the data you should input the necessary location latitude and longitude. Use full stop as a separating symbol between an integer number and its decimal part. If you need a southern hemisphere location, input the latitude with the negative sign. For a western hemisphere location also use the negative symbol before the longitude value.

Also input a necessary date in the corresponding field.

After calculation, along with information about the exact time and UTC shifts, you will see the necessary location on an interactive map.

Interesting facts

  • After dusk twilight duration grows from the equator to the poles and equals to 25-30 minutes and 2-3 weeks respectively.
  • On the Earth before the dawn and the dusk the sky is colored in warm colors: from yellow to intense red. On Mars this event is accompanied with two hours sky's blue color.
  • Belt of Venus is an interesting phenomenon that appears at dusk from the opposite side of the sky and consists of an orange-pinkish stripe above an ashy-blue stripe. The latter is the Earth's shadow.
  • In the morning before dawn the air temperature is the day's minimum one.
  • The Sun's red color at dusk and at dawn is explained with the Rayleigh law: dense and humid air close to the Earth surface absorbs the majority of colored rays letting only the red and orange ones pass.
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