Daily calories norm calculation by Mifflin - Saint Geor formula

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A correctly chosen daily calories norm (DCN)helps to reach an ideal balance between the energy acquired with food and its complete consumption as result of physical activity. Facing a need to reduce one's weight, a person should consume a lesser DCN than their body requires energetically. As a result the stored fatty tissue inner reserves are activated and the person begins to lose weight.

To avoid inaccuracy caused by average values, the best solution is a special on-line calculator for the daily calories norm calculation based on the Mifflin-Saint Geor formula. It considers person's individual anthropometric and physiological properties.

How to use the calculator

The given system for DCN definition is fairly innovative and highly efficient therefore is appreciated and used by the nutritionists worldwide. To calculate the daily calories norm correctly one should:

  1. choose their sex in the dropdown menu;
  2. input their age (full years);
  3. input their height (cm);
  4. input their weight (kg);
  5. put a tick in a field with a corresponding to their physical and labor activity level;
  6. press the "Calculate" button or "Enter" on their keyboard.

After performing the calculations our on-line calculator depicts the closest to exact DCN value sticking to which will help a person stabilize or stresslessly reduce their weight with no specific discomfort for the body.

Daily calories norm calculation formula by Mifflin - Saint Geor

The given DCN calculation method has been deduced as a result of numerous researching practices. The complete formula is as follows: DCN=(Wt+Hh-Ag+Mp)*Ac, where:

  • Wt=(9.99* weight in kilos);
  • Hh= (6.25*height in centimeters);
  • Ag=(4.92*person's age);
  • Mp=+5 for men or -160 for women;

The Ca number is an activity coefficient that changes depending on one's physical effort: 1.2 – for minimal, 1.375 – for low, 1.4625 – for medium, 1.55 – for high and 1.725 – for extremely high ones.

Here we have a particular example for a 45 years old woman, 165 cm (5.5 ft)high, 60 kg. To find out the DCN value our calculator performs the following operations: ((9.99*60)+(6.25*165)-(4.92*45)-160)*1,2=1498 cal.

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